Wednesday, August 20, 2008

90s idols

I'm having a serious 90s nostalgia moment. I long for those days when layering was a fine art form of leggings, 'bodies', floral dresses, culottes, crop tops, lumberjack shirts and baggy tees.

I would like to remember the Kings and Queens of 90s fashion that shaped my youth as well as providing inspiration and hilarity on a daily basis. A winning combination if ever there was one.


Besides being my all-time favourite teen series because of its painfully accurate portrayal of adolescence, My So-Called Life also stayed true to 90s teens favoured wares. Angela was often seen wearing (shock, horror) the same outfit in different episodes and is arguably responsible for my first ever experiment with red hair dye, desire to wear dungarees past infancy, and pairing of polo neck, baggy floral dress, leggings and heeled desert boots on a daily basis at the age of 13.


Before she turned good, Drew Barrymore was the bad girl we all wanted to be. Her style was frequently described as 'kooky' during the 90s; teaming flowers in her hair with antique silk slip dresses, wedge espadrilles, and vampy make-up. Not only emulated by teenage girls, gal-pals Courtney Love and Amanda de Cadenet followed suit too.


Kate Moss and Johnny Depp were, for me, the ultimate 90s power couple. Gorgeous and effortlessly cool, they looked as good off-duty as they did on. As sickening now as it was then.


It's back! One can only hope the new Beverley Hills 90210 can live up to its older 90s sister. Who can forget Kelly, Brenda and Donna? The Big hair, the body con, the sweaters and pearls...I can't wait for the reunion.


A sarcastic cartoon heroine is hard to find, even more impossible is to find not one but two in the fine form of Daria and Jane. Daria was as acerbically funny as it was stylish. I loved D and J's allegiance to army boots and mini skirts, muted colours and baggy top layers.

She of floppy hats, floral shifts and crochet sweaters - Blossom's dress-up approach to fashion is still a delight.


If I had to trade wardrobes with any one of my 90s favourites it would be without a doubt style chameleon Cher Horowitz, whose fashion choices were anything but Clueless. Why? Azzedine Alaia dresses, knee high socks, leather mini skirts, marabou trim and dolly shoes all in a revolving walk-in wardrobe, like, d'uh! What a betty.