Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby blues

She wore blue velvet, silk, tulle and cotton for SS09.

In particular, powder blue.  Pretty, pastel, pale blues found on sugar coated almonds and duck eggs.  

Swathed in sky blues, dreamy debutantes danced up and down the catwalks at Elie Saab.

Glittery snakeskin Studio 54 divas shone in the palest blue scales stalking Balenciaga's runway.

Ladies that lunch wore french fancy blues at Lanvin.  

Tomboys in grey blues gave Wunderkind's suits a rainy day hue.  

Victorian lace and soft blues are oh-so-pretty on Erdem's sexy secretaries.

All tied up

I do love a multi-tasking accessory, and a Keira bow is just that.

A flat, fat big bow made of leather and attached to elastic, these beauties can be worn on your wrist, in your hair, or at the ankle with a pair of heels. Pretty and polished, you can be sure Blair Waldorf would approve, and that's good enough reason for me. At 27 pounds a pop you can buy one in every colour too. Precious.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chuck Bass goes fishing

It seems they're all at it, designers can't get enough of the boy we love to hate (or love, in my case) Mr. Charles Bass. Gossip Girl's most stylish character is surely behind this natty Band of Outsiders SS09 get-up, a combo one can easily imagine Bass wearing whilst fishing for another kind of (sea)Bass. Suits you sir.