Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A child is for life, not just for fashion week

I had the opportunity to attend LFW this year to review some shows for MFL. Whilst inevitably waiting for the late shows to begin, I noticed a rather alarming trend amongst the front row fash pack - the IT bags, shoes and jeans have been replaced with the IT child!

Yes, it seems in the current economic downturn fashion folk have declined to spend money on a ridiculously expensive crocodile/studded/jewel encrusted bag and are instead showering their hard earned cash on their little ones. Awww, how lovely. Or is it?

Immaculately dressed offspring sat perched on their model/actress/singer/buyer/editor's laps encouraging ooohs and ahhhs from the cynical crowd impatiently waiting for another pair of ripped jeans to stalk the runway. One celebrity brought her daughter and left her in the second row so she could sit up front, another removed her child from her lap so the cameras had a better angle to interview her. In the queue for the Betty Jackson show, sisters behind me complained they'd rather be watching TV than queueing up at 9 in the morning on a Sunday. Quite.
So why now? I blame it all on Tomkat! Suri Cruise may well be the cutest thing since Elmo but does she really need custom made Christian Louboutin's she's going to grow out of before you can say 'pretentious'?

I say, let the children play. If you really can't bare to attend fashion week alone (god knows I was bored of my own company by the end) then make like everyone else and embrace your NVBF (New Virtual Best Friend) - twitter. Share you're every move and thought with virtual friends who won't mind when you become bored and return to your life-size bag for company.
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Get Lippy

My new fashion favourite, Georgia May Jagger, is never caught dead without her red lippy. Just like Mum, this Jerry Hall junior knows that a scarlet pout is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

As a little girl, watching my mother apply and re-apply her red lipstick was as glamorous and sophisticated as it got. While some regard the colour as a garish casualty of the 80s, it conjures up images of Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe for me. Chic and sexy, wearing red lipstick can transport you onto the set of Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love video, render the wearer ‘arty,’ or make them feel polished and ladylike. Modern day sirens Scarlett Johansen, Kathryn Heigl, Dita Von Teese and Anne Hathaway are all fans of ruby lips and if it’s good enough for DVT, it’s good enough for me. Mwah.

He was robbed

Ok, so he didn't win, lets not have a tantrum about it. Instead, lets celebrate the fact that only Mickey Rourke would wear a pendant bearing the image of his dead dog on Oscars night. He deserves the award for that alone...he's crazy and we love him for it. Bring on The Wrestler Part II.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

And the award goes to...

Rather than writing another Oscar's post this year I've chosen simply to celebrate the style maverick and master of comebacks that is Mr. Mickey Rourke.

While I don't think this requires any justification I'm in a list-making mood so here it is folks,
5 more reasons Mickey should win...

1. In the immortal words of Destiny's Child, he's a survivor.

2. His acceptance speeches are some of the best stand-up comedy I've ever heard.

3. He cries when talking about his recently deceased dog Loki (I love a man with a sensitive side).

4. Rourke can rock a suit like nobody else.

5. He's Mickey Rourke! Respect.

If he doesn't win tonight I'm going to have a tantrum. So there.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Material Girl

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. Where did it all go wrong? Whatever happened to your material world? Well, part of it can be found at London's Old Truman Brewery, where the world's largest private collection of Madge's stage and screen costumes and props will be exhibited from February the 21st. Simply Madonna: Materials of the Girl, promises such delights as Ciccone's raunchy Jean Paul Gaultier corsets, Like A Virgin wedding dress, frocks from Evita, and my personal favourite, her League of their Own baseball glove.

With just a month to view the 300 items better put it in the diary now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Snow Queen

It’s a winter wonderland outside and all I can think about is how magical it would be to lord it up Narnia style in a sleigh of ice and a coat of metallic arms that mere mortals could only marvel at. Fantasist, moi?!

My Snow Queen 2009 guise would include these fabulous wax wing cuffs. Fascinatingly beautiful but with a tinge of the macabre, they are the perfect wrist wear for her highness.

Put A Ring On It

Bring the bling with these beauties.

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Arty’ enamel ring, £105

RingsEclectic swarovski and glass ring, £55

Landver ‘Solitaire’crystal ring, £165

18 karat
gold ring,

Fringe, frills and feathers

Everyone's in a flap over this season’s fabulous showgirl threads.

Alberta Ferretti, Chanel, Rimondi, Sonia Rykiel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen are just some of the designers playing with the flapper look for SS09. Showgirl style fancy feather head-dresses, thigh-high fringed slits on cheeky Charleston gowns, and pleated prohibition-era party frocks sashayed down the catwalk this winter.

Bringing a smile to our faces and a flush to our cheeks, this is a trend worth imitating if only for the spring it’s sure to put in your step. Altogether now...

Bride of Chucky

Paul Smith borrowed our favourite Gossip Girl catchphrase for his latest menswear collection. His plaid blazers, colour block trews, bow ties, and polo necks screamed : “I’m Chuck Bass.”
We don’t blame you Paul, that boy’s got plenty we’d like to covet!

Marie Antoinette's Barnet

When Drew Barrymore turned up at the Golden Globes looking like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, her doo sparked mass hysteria amongst celebrity circles.

While her hair may have looked more like a bird’s nest than the Barrymore bonce we’re used to, Drew is actually quick off the mark with her BIG barnet. Marie Antoinette’s hair-raising heights are being emulated by fashion’s most forward of faces.

Blake Lively was seen on the set of GG with a back-combed bob to rival M.A. herself. Meanwhile at Chanel, Lagerfeld has become obsessed with creating height and drama with head-dresses of feathers, flowers and other flights of fancy. Copy Karl and keep your hair high with 17th century props, just leave the chinoise at home.

Sweet sneaks

Or should that be cool runnings?!

Finally, a reason to exercise. These Liberty print Nikes are cute enough to wear on and off the track. Race you.

Wear Sunscreen

Gossip Girl, series two. So far, so good. But what an all earth was Blair doing wearing a strapless gown with tan lines in episode 2? So not Queen B behaviour. Get it sorted. Now. That said, can't wait for this evening! xoxo