Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A child is for life, not just for fashion week

I had the opportunity to attend LFW this year to review some shows for MFL. Whilst inevitably waiting for the late shows to begin, I noticed a rather alarming trend amongst the front row fash pack - the IT bags, shoes and jeans have been replaced with the IT child!

Yes, it seems in the current economic downturn fashion folk have declined to spend money on a ridiculously expensive crocodile/studded/jewel encrusted bag and are instead showering their hard earned cash on their little ones. Awww, how lovely. Or is it?

Immaculately dressed offspring sat perched on their model/actress/singer/buyer/editor's laps encouraging ooohs and ahhhs from the cynical crowd impatiently waiting for another pair of ripped jeans to stalk the runway. One celebrity brought her daughter and left her in the second row so she could sit up front, another removed her child from her lap so the cameras had a better angle to interview her. In the queue for the Betty Jackson show, sisters behind me complained they'd rather be watching TV than queueing up at 9 in the morning on a Sunday. Quite.
So why now? I blame it all on Tomkat! Suri Cruise may well be the cutest thing since Elmo but does she really need custom made Christian Louboutin's she's going to grow out of before you can say 'pretentious'?

I say, let the children play. If you really can't bare to attend fashion week alone (god knows I was bored of my own company by the end) then make like everyone else and embrace your NVBF (New Virtual Best Friend) - twitter. Share you're every move and thought with virtual friends who won't mind when you become bored and return to your life-size bag for company.
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