Monday, May 26, 2008

Having a fashion moment: Pushing Daisies

The fantastically sweet and dreamy dramedy Pushing Daisies is a visual delight in every way. Framed beautifully on screen, the carefully constructed set and costume design is a technicolour treat.

An alluring mixture of Alice in Wonderland, Audrey Hepburn, Amelie, Despertae Housewives' Bree, and songstress Kate Nash, Pushing Daisies Charlotte "Chuck" Charles is always perfectly put together in full-skirted 50s skirts and dresses, accessorised with ladylike wrist gloves, januty little hats, and shiny red lips. Part homemaker, part femme fatale, Chuck keeps things interesting by covering up with sharp trench coats, Jackie-O shades, and silk head scarfs. Steering clear of black, grey and white, Chuck champions colour and bold, beautiful prints.
Get the Chuck look at Carolina Herrera, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Laura Ashley, DKNY and, especially, vintage. Happy shopping!

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