Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gossip Girl Catwalk Queens

September the first feels a lifetime away when the M.I.A object of your affection is the gorgeous, glorious Gossip Girl.

It seems I am not the only one having GG withdrawals; the pre-fall collections have revealed a wealth of Blair, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa fans.

Not content with taking over our screens, the Gossip Girls are invading the catwalks and taking no prisoners.

Queen Bee's winning combination of smart yet sassy was evident at Shipley and Halmos in the form of this eye-catching citrus shift and monochrome cardigan, nipped in Waldorf-fashion with a narrow patent belt. Add a string of pearls, gloves, and a bow and you have a classic Blair ensemble.

S's siren style is a mixture of sexy and boho and Balmain's little lace dress and moccasins combo is pure van der Woodsen. Cascading blonde extensions, a California tan and a bit of bling are all you need for Serena's so hot right now look.

Little J is quite the fashion maverick what with her nifty skills on the sewing machine and nimble fingers in friend's closets. Sweet but slightly off-beat, Humphrey's all about Wren's school-girl duds. Throw an over-size print tote, on-season cuff, and signature mac into the mix and you're good-to-go Jenny.

Layers, prints, and colours are all key to V. John Galliano's drapes, mis-matched proportions, chunky heels and necklaces ARE Vanessa. Nothing else required.

The finale left it unclear as to whether she'll be making a return but I'm certainly hoping we've not seen the last of the deliciously wicked and brilliantly named Georgina Sparks. Seems Balenciaga's in agreement. G was rarely seen out of cold-as-ice grey and silver and this get-up is just about as Georgie as you can get.

If you're one of the misfortunates yet to discover the joys of Gossip Girl, I reccomend you check out The Genius of Gossip Girl.

If you're hooked like me, get your kicks with this tantalising trailer.

As Gossip Girl herself would say, until next time, XOXO.

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