Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sasha is Fierce

The lady with a glove formally known as Beyonce has reportedly been created to allow Ms. Knowles freedom to pursue an edgier musical style. But could it be Sasha also exists to allow B to step out of those beaded gowns and into something more Fierce?!
Armed with a suitcase full of leotards and a collection of futuristic fashion courtesy of one Gareth Pugh, Beyonce’s transformation into Sasha Fierce is nothing short of inspired. After watching Put A Ring On It for the umpteenth time I am convinced going out dancing in a leotard would not make me look like an 80s reject but a strong, powerful, sassy lady. I may even go as far to consider the merits of a Jacko-esque single glove, a la Fierce’s metal one-hand-wonder. After all, if an image change as simple as this can produce this Diva, why not? Long live Sasha. Fierce.

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