Saturday, October 17, 2009

It hurts to look at you (again)

It's nice to see my first love Jordan Catalano without the guy liner and liquid leather these days. The boy who wrote a song about his car still makes my heart a-flutter and may explain my fondness for boys in plaid.

During the height of MSCL madness, in a hopeless attempt to emulate Angela's 'crimson glow,' I dyed my hair red. Convinced this would somehow magically conjure my very own Scottish JC, I wasn't the only one behaving irrationally in the name of Jordan. One friend actually started drinking coffee "black with three sugars," just like Chase-face did after JC revealed his caffeine preference.

Alas, neither of us ever found Jock Catalano leaning in our school corridors and over time my obsession for Jared Leto waned as he swapped plaid for pleather and Cameron for Fire Crotch.

But, in this clip, it still hurts to look at you...

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