Friday, May 28, 2010

R.I.P Chuck Bass

It has taken me a week to dry my eyes and remove the tissue paper from my sodden face following the tragic news that The Greatest Hero Of Our Time, Mr. Charles Chuck Bass, is in a serious critical condition has died. The event begs the question: why? Why Josh Schwartz, why did you do this to me? And what will I do without Chuck's smug little face lighting up my screen every week? Who will I turn to in my hour of sarcasm? What will become of Brooks Brothers now that he is no longer keeping them in business?

This morning I stumbled across this. A framed collection amassed by Mr. Alister Mackie, whom like Chuck Bass, enjoys a good bow-tie. It seems a rather fitting epitaph to the man who paired his oxfords with candy cane-coloured ties that the display should be in sobering, somber black.

R.I.P Chuck Bass, and we'll see you next season in hell in heaven. Amen.

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