Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Oscars: The Show Must Go On

The Academy Awards Executive Producer Gil Cates has insisted the Oscars will not meet the same fate as the Golden Globes this year. Hollywood Insider quoted Cates as saying “The show is going on, I'm looking forward to it. We're on schedule and, Hallelujah, I can't wait until the 24th.” Hallelujah indeed Cates because I can't wait either! While I'm sure I could live without the highly predictable results and soppy speeches I simply could not survive without the fashion show that is the Oscars red carpet! Paris, Milan, and London fashion weeks have got nothing on the high couture parade that happens but once a year in L.A. Words or no words, I'm positive this year is set to be nothing short of memorable.
Nominees are announced in only 3 days time so check back for my predictions of what this years contenders will be wearing. In the meantime, check out for an awe-inspiring look at previous Oscars fashions. Or if you're too lazy, take a look at my top ten below. They're all winners in my opinion! Enjoy.

Canary yellow, pale skin and red lips? This girl
deserved an Oscar for pulling this look off alone!
Michelle Williams looked gorgeous in this
Vera Wang number which had just a whisper of
vintage about it and a whole lot of va-va-voom!
Kirsten DunstKirsten Dunst
There's rarely been a year I haven't loved Kiki's
Oscar choice. This black lace versace gown is my all
time favourite on her. She had a brand new do' and
check out that bracelet! Can't wait to see what she
wears this year, bring it on Kirsten!
Am I the only one that loved this?! Kudos
to those who take a fashion risk. Bjork, I
salute you.
Minnie Driver
I've got to be honest,
I'm not Minnie Driver's
biggest fan. This may be
because I'm frequently
told I resemble her (and
her big chin) but we'll
forget about that for now
because this Oscars outfit
is too good to ignore. In
floor-length red she
complimented her dark hair
and creamy skin perfectly.
The red fur stole and emerald
jewels made for an award
worthy finishing touch.
NICOLE KIDMAN, 1997 photo  Nicole Kidman
I scoured the internet trying
to find a picture of this lovely
Galliano for Dior dress. It's
one of my favourites and you
can see why. The colour, the
embroidery, the length, they
all look great on Nicole.
JULIA ROBERTS, 2001 photo  Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts was a very
Pretty Woman (sorry, couldn't
resist) indeed when she won an
Oscar in vintage Valentino.
Again, a favourite. I see a
pattern emerging here...
Sharon Stone with Phil Bronstein 70th Annual Academy Awards Los Angeles, CA 3/23/1998 Photo: Steve Granitz,
Sharon Stone even looks good
in her husbands shirt! Famous
for her maverick fashion choices
when it comes to the Oscars,
Stoney gets an award for her
AUDREY HEPBURN, 1954 photo  Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn is, I do believe,
every woman's style icon, whether
they know it or not! She looked so
pretty in Givenchy.
Winona Ryder 69th Annual Academy Awards Los Angeles, CA 3/24/1997 Photo: Jeffrey Mayer,
Winona before the fall from grace!
She's working the flapper look like
noone before or after has!
Jennifer Lopez 73rd Academy Awards Los Angeles, CA  3/25/2001 Photo by John McCoy,
J-LOVELY! Yep, she always looks
gorgeous but often her fashion
choices are a tad on the, eh, excessive
side. She gets it spot on with minimal
hair, makeup and jewellery, letting this
gorgeous outfit do all the talking.

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