Monday, March 3, 2008

Foxy Lady

It seems only fair the fashion industry end its fixation with Owls and move onto a more grown up, dangerous, handsome icon: Foxy! That's right, foxes have been seen all over the catwalk with Jean Paul Gaultier taking the trend quite literally, sending his models down the runway with russet hair, feline kohl-rimmed eyes and, eh, fox skins on their heads.

Jean Paul Gaultier's Foxy

A more subtle (and safe) approach may be to interpret the look as many did with Foxy's predecessor Owl: invest in some fox jewellery.

A good start would be new kids on the block Zoe and Morgan's cute and very wearable collection cheekily titled 'Hey Foxy' which features an adorable gold fox ring for the bargainly sum of 60 pounds

I am adoring cuff links at the moment and what better way to show off slight wrists than with some foxy friends at your side? My favourite can be found at

If crafty's more your bag then you may be delighted as I was to discover this natty necklace which is sure to have you stand out from the crowd
Designed By: Frozen Peas, Featuring: Sleepy Little Fox Necklace

Another whimsical design which would look as great on an 80s taffeta prom dress as it would on a cosy tweed coat is this charming brooch from viennahorses online shop at - never before have I been so drawn as to wear an animal's insides on my lapel.

If you've been pleased to hear about the return of the sovereign ring to fashion's forefront then no doubt you'll enjoy this knuckleduster from

Curly fox ring - Click Image to Close

So wave goodbye to Owl and indulge your inner Foxy lady. Foxy.

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  1. I've always been partial to foxes, the fox hat is just great. Reminds me of a faux fox fur hat of my own that I've got.

    Your blog is savage, by the way, I've started following. If you wouldn't mind returning the favor, my blog is
    Much appreciated. Keep up the good work, cheers!