Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ga-ga for Galliano

Paris, March the 1st.

Galliano's Fall 2008 show was an overflowing cauldron of colourful characters - Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter, Grey Gardens' Little Edie and the Great Gatsby's Daisy Buchanan were surely Galliano's inspirations for this most spellbinding of collections.

A magical mix of 1940s tea dresses, voluminous harem pants and silky sheaths of teal, burnt orange and sea green were topped off with giant and gloriously adorned head dresses, hats and turbans. Models were sent out wearing make-up last seen on clowns and sporting wigs made of feathers - think Jem and the Holograms.

Far from his usual avant-garde garb, Galliano has created a collection which can be as easily worn on the highstreet as it can on the catwalk.

This sexy teal dress would look gorgeous
during the day with tan leather riding boots and
a black poloneck. Just add lashings of black eyeliner
and some 60s nude lips and you're good to G(allian)O!

A coat too gorgeous to ever take off.
I'd wear it with everything from my favourite
jeans and converse to a sparkly vintage minidress.
And definitely invest in some coral kid gloves a la Galliano.

Loose the strange headgear and opt for a messy
plait or 4os waves to compliment this beautiful
dress. Leave your jewellery at home and let the
dress do all the talking.

Last but not least...

Unless you're planning on going to a fancy dress
party as Jem from the Holograms or you happen
to have been blessed with the fortune of waking
up as Agyness Dean, I'd leave this look where it
belongs-on the catwalk. DO, however, invest in
some fancy feathers to wear in your hair and DO
embrace colour in your eye make-up palette. Just
DON'T do them together.

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