Thursday, November 12, 2009

I heart The Art..

of the Trench.

Burberry's new website celebrates that all-important great British classic I have previously pontificated upon: the trench coat.

Hopping on board the multimedia train that mixes website with facebook connect, the site invites fans of the TC to submit their own snaps which will be sifted and sorted and perhaps eventually selected for display on site alongside photos taken by the online omnipresent street-style snaptographer Scott Schuman.

It's a novel idea and I enjoyed viewing multiple images at once according to 'weather,' 'colour' and the always debatable 'belted' and 'unbelted.' There's also a nifty little timeline history lesson for serious trench anoraks featuring images from the Burberry archive.

My only complaint is this - the soundtrack. Who chose The Kooks Sofa Song to accompany this trench appreciation site? Next time I visit I'll be muting my volume!

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