Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ebay your heart out: Nastygalvintage

Nastygalvintage is nasty in the BEST possible way. It does the hard work for you, showcasing this season's trends with their delicious vintage pieces in pristine condition.

Gold metal fringe cocktail dress? Check. Neon jumpsuit? You betcha. Tuxedo inspired dress? Of course! Charlie's Angels flares? Why not? They're all here in fine vintage glory, one of a kind items you can wear with pride.

It's hard to pick one item to flag up but this adorable bubble gum pink coat complete with oversized black taffeta bow pulls at my purse strings every time I look at it! CUTE.


Own it

It reminds me of the Bilsonator's gorgeous Chanel number:

Nastygalvintage's ebay store, check-ch-check-check it out!

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